My Top 5 Gaming Youtube Channels

I watch a lot of different stuff on youtube: film reviews, cooking shows, interviews, comedy, and of course games. I wanted to highlight some of my favorites on gaming.  I also included my favorite video from each channel.

Also, if you have a gaming related video you really like, share it with me in the comments!


5. Noah Caldwell-Gervais

Noah’s writing about games takes the form of travelogues through virtual worlds. His videos are multi-hour long reflection on an entire game’s series. My pick from his channel is this one on the original Mass Effect series.

4. hbomberguy

Hbomber guy covers a wide range of topics: games, film, TV, and also games. While he may be more famous for his political take downs, I feel his strongest content are his game analyses. My pick from this channel is his fantastic look at Bloodborne


3. Super Bunnyhop

Informative and entertaining videos on games and the game industry. George occasionally puts out a reviews and analysis, but the real interesting things are his investigations into the games industry . That said, my pick will be what initially got me into his channel, a series wide analysis of the Metal Gear games.


2. Shut up & Sit Down

Entertaining and thoughtful reviews of board games. While plenty of board gaming content exists on YouTube, none are as high quality and craftsmanship of SUSD. They are good about digging into the core experience of the game, and relaying that to the viewer. The video I’m choosing for this channel serves as a warning. The review was so entertaining and well thought out, that I immediately went out and bought this game…then didn’t really like it. Proceed with caution!

1. Game Maker’s Toolkit

Not only the best gaming channel on YouTube, some of the best gaming content available right now. Many critics of games tend to view them through a lens of literature or film, often ignoring the interactive elements that make games unique. GMTK goes in depth on game mechanics and design to highlight what makes them special.

My favorite episode of GMTK is this one on RE4, one of my all time favorite games. In this video I learned something I never knew about a game I loved, which grew my appreciation for it.

3 thoughts on “My Top 5 Gaming Youtube Channels”

    1. I can’t get in to the loud, obnoxious LPers, so I’ve gravitated toward Cryaotic and Christopher Odd. Both are super chill and thorough with their games. GG Gab is chill to and does a TON of horror games, especially Asian ones that never make their way elsewhere.

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