Welcome to Cantrip. I’m Jonathan, and I really like games. I started this blog in 2017 to practice writing.

Sometimes I make games as well.  Check out my video games on my itch.io page.  I also work on card games, none are available at the time of writing.

November 2018: No more regular updates. 2018 was a rough year for me. I ended up losing some interest in maintaining the blog. I’ve been focusing on other projects: getting back into making games and learning Japanese. That said, I may still post sporadic updates. I am considering using the blog to host my game design portfolio in the future.

Origin of the name “Cantrip”:

I wanted a one word game related title, something like Waypoint or Polygon, but with a focus on non-digital games.  I chose the word Cantrip, because of its relevance to Dungeons & Dragons as well as Magic the Gathering.

Despite my intentions, the blog ended up mostly being about video games.