Planescape: Torment Captures the Ideal Dungeons & Dragons Experience

Planescape: Torment is the classic PC RPG developed by Black Isle and written by Chris Avellone. What sets Planescape apart from its peers is its unique setting and writing quality. As the title implies the game has an overall melancholy mood, but its lightened with doses of humor throughout.


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The Puzzling Tactics of ‘Into the Breach’

Into the Breach puts you in charge of a time traveling squadron of mech pilots. Your mission: save the four remaining human settlements from the Vek, an invading race of subterranean giant insects. The gameplay is a combination of tactical combat with a roguelike structure. With an appealing premise and engaging gameplay, Into the Breach has managed to grab hold of my attention in a way that no video game has for me in a long time.


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My Favorite Pokemon Game: Pokemon Snap


Back in 1999 I was knee deep in the original Pokémon boom.  Game boy games, cartoons, and card games, I had it all.  Thinking back it was all fun, but one game amongst the rest always stands out in my mind.  A game we had to rent a nintendo 64 to play, Pokémon Snap. I only got to spend a single weekend with this game, it stuck with me as the highlight of my Pokémon experience. How did this photography simulator accomplish that?

snap intro screen

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Metroid (NES)

Late last year I began working on a metroidvania style game with a friend.  I played a bunch of metroidvania games to try and get a feel for this style of game.  In the beginning it was pretty scattershot, just playing whatever random game seemed interesting, and never finishing them.  I decided that I’d like to revisit my metroidvania journey from the beginning, and play through each game much more extensively.  The natural starting point for this is the original Metroid.


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Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII

CCGs in RPGS part 1

This is the first post in a series called “CCGs in RPGs”.  I put together a list of 7 RPG video games that each have their own mini-game featuring some sort of card game where you can create your own deck:

I decided to start with Triple Triad as it was the game that made me want to start this series.  But going forward I will do them in chronological order of release, continuing with Arcomage Tetra Master.  (While I was researching the Arcomage game, I found out that it is not customizable. Therefore I had to remove it from the list.)


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