Indie Game Revival – Sports RPGs

Mario Tennis on the Gameboy color is my favorite sports game.  I very rarely play any sports games, and back in middle school I was hesitant to try this one out.  What got me to overcome that reluctance has little to do with the Mario theming and everything to do with its gameplay.  Mario Tennis wasn’t just a typical sports game, it was also a full-fledged RPG.  Only instead of battling monsters, you played tennis.

sports RPG title

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Stardew Valley

My favorite game of 2016 is the farming simulator Stardew Valley.  Created by sole developer Concerned Ape, it’s a throwback to the old Harvest Moon series.  Just like in that series you will be planting crops, raising animals, and interacting with villagers. What made Stardew Valley one of the most memorable games I’ve played is its variety of gameplay, routine building, and relaxed attitude.

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Adaptation Comparison: Bloodborne

Some of the earliest computer games were attempts at recreating Chess. Over the years turning card/board games into video games has been extremely common.  As video games became more popular,  the tables soon began to turn.  But unlike the board game to video game pipeline, these games often couldn’t be 1-to-1 recreations of the games they were imitating, same gameplay, different medium.  Video games based on board games could be considered new implementations. Board games based on video games were adaptations, like turning a novel into a film.

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When I found out my all time favorite video game, Bloodborne, was getting a card game I was skeptical.  While I love card games and Bloodborne, I wasn’t sure if the two would mix well.  After finding out the designer would be  Eric M. Lang, I became less worried and more intrigued.  I still didn’t believe it would be a great translation, but I felt he would at least put an interesting spin on the idea, and probably make a good game as well.

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Ryuutama: Quick Analysis and First Impressions

Ryuutama is an RPG I picked up at Origins and have had the opportunity to play recently. Its a Japanese RPG that has been described online as “Miyazaki’s Oregon trail”, which I feel is a very apt description. With this article I wanted to take a look at how Ryuutama’s book and mechanics help to encourage and emphasize this style of play.


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