100 Word Game Review: Rayman Legends

rayman legends

The more I play it the less I like it.

Early levels created a great sense of flow as you moved through them. Running, jumping, punching and hovering are fast and smooth. New worlds brought along new mechanics, explored them through level design, and ended with a bang, introducing me to a new concept: level design as music video.

Later levels amped up the difficulty by shrinking platform size and narrowing timing windows through safe routes.  These stricter requirements remove the ability to move through levels your way, requiring specific inputs at precise times, resulting in gameplay reduced to trial-and-error.

Score: 5 ~ (PS4) Inspired by these articles

Collectable Chain Challenge in Rayman Legends.

Lately I’d been craving some good platforming action.  I looked through the PS4 store and checked out several different titles, then saw that Rayman Legends was on sale. Way back in the day I had the original Rayman on PC.  I never got very far, but I loved the art and animation.  Nostalgia mixed together with recollections of hearing good things about these newer games, so I picked it up.

rayman legends purple lums

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