Defense through Offense: Aggressive Supports in Multiplayer Games

When playing multiplayer class based games, like an MMORPG or MOBA, I tend to play healers.  Healers, or Supports in MOBA style games, are critical roles, and the least popular one.  It’s easy to understand why, damage dealers get to pump out big numbers while doing cool things like tossing fireballs or slashing away with swords.  The Tank is the other critical role, but has more respect as their duty involves putting their virtual bodies between the rest of the party and whatever threatens them.  Leaders tend to take up the tank role as they are the ones who determine when to engage in a fight. Unlike tanks, healers are the furthest from danger, standing behind even the damage dealers.  Unlike the damage dealers, healers mostly just use spells on allies. Nothing too fancy, usually just the shine of holy light, or a soothing nature’s breeze.  Basically, their boring, but do they have to be?


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