Some of My Favorite Screenshots

Sometimes, I remember that the PS4 has that cool share button, and I’ll post some fun screenshots to my twitter. Today I wanted to highlight and discuss some of my favorite screenshots I’ve taken.

hzd riding a bull

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Top 5 games of 2017

Back in 2016 I looked at all the year-end lists and didn’t see many games I had played.  For 2017 I decided to try to stay current and play the big games as they came out.  This year was jam packed with quality games, which made this goal difficult.  In addition to the plethora of games on platforms I own, the Switch launched this year with plenty of cool exclusives that had to pass me by.  I still got to play plenty of brand new games, which I have narrowed down into a top 5 from this year.


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Tetris Effect in Open World Games

The Gameboy was launched into the world in 1989. Bundled with the handheld console was the addictive puzzle game Tetris. Alone they were both great products, but together they formed potent combination that quickly became a worldwide phenomenon.

The  new Tetris players didn’t just see it’s blocks on their Gameboys.  Tetronimos appeared on ceiling tiles, boxes of cereal, milk crates, floor tiles, or anything with squares. Playing Tetris trains its players to see it’s shapes everywhere, and how those pieces could fit together. This bleeding of the game’s mechanics into everyday life came to be known as “The Tetris Effect“.

tetris sign

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