Can good components make a card game more fun? (Dungeon Busters Review)


This year at Origins Game Fair I had some time to kill, so I wondered over to the Mayday games booth and played a demo of Dungeon Busters.  What drew me to it was the cute JRPG style characters depicted on the box and cards.  After trying it out I decided to pick it up, it was on deep discount and had a fun theme, so why not?  But is it worth its full asking price? Read on to find out.

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Love Letter (Card game review)

The last few card games I looked at were big complicated games featuring lots and lots of cards. I love games like these, but some people may take one look at the stacks of card board and run the other way.   I thought I’d take a break from 100+ card count games and look at something much simple, the 16 card game, Love Letter.


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Tetra Master in Final Fantasy IX

CCGs in RPGS part 2

maxresdefaultThinking back about Triple Triad (referred to as TT from here on) I’ve broken down four key points that I feel are most important to its success as a minigame:

– Simple rules

– Optional, but fleshed out

– Card game feel

– Card Value & High stakes gameplay

Now I would like to take a look at Tetra Master (referred to as TM from here on) to see how it failed an all four points.

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Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII

CCGs in RPGS part 1

This is the first post in a series called “CCGs in RPGs”.  I put together a list of 7 RPG video games that each have their own mini-game featuring some sort of card game where you can create your own deck:

I decided to start with Triple Triad as it was the game that made me want to start this series.  But going forward I will do them in chronological order of release, continuing with Arcomage Tetra Master.  (While I was researching the Arcomage game, I found out that it is not customizable. Therefore I had to remove it from the list.)


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