Zombicide and Awkward Board Game Controls

Recently my friends and I met up to play a new game that one of them had just acquired, Zombicide.  I’ve seen people playing this game at store and conventions, but I didn’t know much about it myself.  It’s easy to tell from the title and cover that it’s another zombie game.  I’ve been over zombie themed things for a while now. So while it wasn’t something I’d go out of my way to try,  I’m always down to try a new game.

Because I only played this game once, this post should be considered a first impression, rather than a full review. That said, the play through I got gave me a lot to think about in regards to the way board games allow us to interact with their systems.


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Card Drafting Made Easy with Sushi-Go!

I love card drafting games.  I started with Magic the Gathering drafts, and later played 7 Wonders.  Drafting MTG can be intimidating because you must understand how to play MTG, how to build decks, and do it in a limited amount of time.  7 Wonders is simpler, but its symbol heavy cards and resource management rules can still be very intimidating to new players.  Sushi-Go is a much easier card drafting game to learn and play.  In this post, I’d like to take a closer look at how Sushi-Go takes these more complicated games and streamlines them into something more accessible.


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Love Letter (Card game review)

The last few card games I looked at were big complicated games featuring lots and lots of cards. I love games like these, but some people may take one look at the stacks of card board and run the other way.   I thought I’d take a break from 100+ card count games and look at something much simple, the 16 card game, Love Letter.


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Millennium Blades: Hobby Simulator

Millennium blades is a collectable card game (CCG) simulator designed by D. Brad Talton, Jr. Specifically it simulates the hobby of collecting cards for a card game. This translates into a crazy and complex card drafting game in which you and your friends will be buying, selling and trading cardboard simultaneously in real-time! It’s all wrapped in a nerd-culture parody, primarily Yu-Gi-Oh! (but so much more), and decorated with fantastic artwork. Lets take a closer look at the game and see what makes it tick.


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