Can good components make a card game more fun? (Dungeon Busters Review)


This year at Origins Game Fair I had some time to kill, so I wondered over to the Mayday games booth and played a demo of Dungeon Busters.  What drew me to it was the cute JRPG style characters depicted on the box and cards.  After trying it out I decided to pick it up, it was on deep discount and had a fun theme, so why not?  But is it worth its full asking price? Read on to find out.

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Characters as Cards in Arkham Horror: The Card game

Just like it’s bigger board game brother, Arkham Horror: The Card Game (AH:TCG) has players taking on the role of investigators, digging into mysterious cases with supernatural twists.  One of the key differences between the two games is how they handle their investigators. AH:BG and its spin offs give you a single sheet with some stats, special abilities and a blurb on your character’s bio.

AH:TCG replaces these small sheets with an entire deck of cards.  Each card in your deck represents something about your character.  It could be an object they own, a person they know, or an experience they’ve had.  This gives you more information on your character, and opens up more customization.


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