Metroid (NES)

Late last year I began working on a metroidvania style game with a friend.  I played a bunch of metroidvania games to try and get a feel for this style of game.  In the beginning it was pretty scattershot, just playing whatever random game seemed interesting, and never finishing them.  I decided that I’d like to revisit my metroidvania journey from the beginning, and play through each game much more extensively.  The natural starting point for this is the original Metroid.


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Triple Triad in Final Fantasy VIII

CCGs in RPGS part 1

This is the first post in a series called “CCGs in RPGs”.  I put together a list of 7 RPG video games that each have their own mini-game featuring some sort of card game where you can create your own deck:

I decided to start with Triple Triad as it was the game that made me want to start this series.  But going forward I will do them in chronological order of release, continuing with Arcomage Tetra Master.  (While I was researching the Arcomage game, I found out that it is not customizable. Therefore I had to remove it from the list.)


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