Three New PuzzleScript TrashGames by Me.

Before the end of the year I uploaded a bunch of new games to my page. These games represent the early stages of my getting back into PuzzleScript and game development in general. They’re pretty poor games, in all honesty, but the ideas behind them are OK. I also see them as a stepping stone to much better games. After working on these mediocre releases I’ve already got better games ready to launch and in development.

But whatever, here are some notes on the design of each game.

Doctor Puzzle


This game is based on Dr. Mario. Your goal is to push colored pills onto matching colored germs. From this simple premise I started messing with some weirder ideas like: getting “sick” if you touch a germ, pills that can only be pushed if your sick, tiles that clean you, tiles that change pill’s colors, ect.

It’s a mess of too many ideas, not very well implemented. It did serve well as a playground to mess with new ideas, which later got spun off into their own games.

Puzzle Construction


Maybe the worst game I’ve ever made? This game is spun off the idea of turning one type of block into another type of block. While in Dr Puzzle the color changers were tiles stuck to the floor, Puzzle Construction uses transformer blocks that can also be moved around.

Initially it was a more traditional Sokoban style puzzle game, but I got the weird idea to try and make the floors look like blueprints. From there I made weird representational patterns on the floor you need to try and fill in. I was trying to make this game challenging, but in the end it just became tedious.

Overall I consider this project to have been a good idea with poor execution. I may revisit the idea in the future.



IMO, the best game out of this batch. Once again this one is built off the idea of using tiles on the ground to change the color of blocks, in this case flowers. Not much else to say about it.

Unlike the other two, this one isn’t really bad, its just that the game I made after this was much more fun. Sokogarden is kinda boring in all honesty.

But you know what, these games may not be that fun to play, but they were fun to make. Through these games I was able to rekindle my love of making games, that’s why I decided to go ahead and release them into the wild.

If you made it this far I’m gonna go ahead and throw in a preview of my next game, Puzzling Duckling.


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