Some of My Favorite Screenshots

Sometimes, I remember that the PS4 has that cool share button, and I’ll post some fun screenshots to my twitter. Today I wanted to highlight and discuss some of my favorite screenshots I’ve taken.

hzd riding a bull

hzd mountain climb

My first two screenshots are from Horizon: Zero Dawn, a very beautiful game with lush environments and intricate character models. Horizon has a photo mode allowing you to set up some really impressive shots you couldn’t with normal controls. Because of the fantastic visuals and photo mode, Horizon is my top pick for taking great looking screenshots.

yakuza anxiety

yakuza confidence

yakuza cool signs

While Horizon allows for the most visually interesting shots, Yakuza 0 is the most entertaining.  Most screenshots are to capture funny lines. But, there are also some impressive details contained within it’s world. Check out the bottom shot, each of these bars has a unique sign. These aren’t even important locations, you can’t visit any of them.

Yakuza 0 is easily my favorite game to take screen shots of, but its graphics are pretty low fidelity. For this reason I’m really looking forward to playing Yakuza 6 soon. Not only does it have higher quality graphics, it also has a camera mode.

edith finch awesome room

edith finch shrine

What Remains of Edith Finch is a game full of intriguing visuals. You get to explore a house filled to the brim with cool little details about each member of the Finch family. More information about them is conveyed by what they left behind than in their personal stories. Speaking of those stories, each has a unique visual hook as well. While the indivisual stories were cool, the real star of Edith Finch was the house.

hitman crowd

I’ve only played a tiny bit of Hitman, but I was very impressed with the scale and detail of this crowd scene. There are many more moments I wish I had captured in my short time with Hitman. This is definitely a game I need to return to.

cherry blossom ammy

Lastly, another game I need to return to. For a PS2 game, Okami had a beautiful art style. Okami has a look and feel unlike any other game I’ve played before. I imagine there are many more cool shots lurking within.

Thanks for checking out my screenshots. Hopefully I’ll remember to take some more in the future. If you have any cool screenshots you want to share, let me know in the comments.

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