Cantrip Games Journal – Week 4

Games covered this week: Final Fantasy 6, Wordscapes (mobile), World Wide Wrestling (PnP RPG), and Hearthstone.

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Final Fantasy 6

I’ve finally recruited every character. Now I’m decided whether to do more side-content, or finish the game. Not going to say much more. I’m working on a longer stand-alone analysis of FF6.


A fun twist on a crossword puzzle. Instead of clues, you are given a set of 6 or 7 letters that will form every word in the puzzle. The letters are arranged in a circle, and you swipe your thumb in a connect-the-dots sort of way to spell letters. It can be surprisingly tricky to find every word in the puzzle. Fortunately the mechanics afford a brute force solving method by just trying every possible combination. Has a lot of ads, but also a lot of content.
HINT: use the Scrabble word finder

World Wide Wrestling RPG

Just finished reading the book, nearly ready to start playing. Just from reading I can tell it does a very admirable job of replicating the rhythm and flow of a wrestling show. Its fascinating to read an RPG that’s entirely about a combat system, but one with vastly different goals from the usual RPG. Players aren’t trying to ‘kill’ or ‘defeat’ their opponent. In wrestling fighting is entertaining. Someone is going to win, but it’s usually decided by someone outside the ring. Of course players are able to ‘swerve’ these plans, and that’s where the real fun lies.
I’m really excited to try this one out. One idea I’ve been knocking around is to make it a silly sci-fi space wrestling league instead of a normal Earthly one. Players could be aliens, robots, or whatever. The league would travel from planet, to space station, to asteroid and so on. Other than that it would still just be regular old wrestling, maybe with more laser beams. This wouldn’t even require any rules changes. Maybe it would be best to wait for wackiness on a second campaign.


Nerfs! Post-patch I’ve been playing a bit more ranked ladder with Spell Hunter. Hunter has always been one of my favorite classes, but it’s been pretty weak for awhile. It’s served me well in the current meta so far, but honestly I only run it because I get to run Deathstalker Rexxar. In my opinion this is the best designed card in the whole game. Its strong, without being overpowered, and build-a-beast is just plain the most fun thing to do in the game.

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