Top 5 Coolest Hearthstone Cards from Witchwood

The newest expansion for Hearthstone, Witchwood, has been out for a little while now. In the past I did my card picks right before the set came out, but when I reviewed them the cards tended to be flashy clunkers. This time I decided to mess around with the new cards awhile before making any picks. This isn’t to say these cards may be unimpressive in the long run, they are pretty interesting. Generally I lean towards cards that open up new archetypes and gameplay options, which there are quite a few of in this expansion. Click on for my top 5 coolest cards from Witchwood!



5. Book of Specters
Mage is the class of spells, but Book of Specters wants you to play mostly with minions. This presents an interesting deck building challenge. 3 cards for 2 mana makes this the best card draw in the game, but with a hefty cost. You could take the risk of running additional spells. Even with 10 other spells in your deck you will likely draw 2 for 2, still extremely efficient. On the other hand many minions like Shimmering Tempest or Arcane Keysmith could provide you with the spells you lack. As a card that could be ran as a high risk/high reward draw or as a power-up to a restricted archetype this card has lots of potential for interesting decks.


4. Toxmonger
Hunter is my favorite class, but it hasn’t been great for awhile now. Originally I was really excited for the hunter quest, but it never really worked out. Toxmonger adds some additional 1 drop synergy that may help push that archetype. Its fairly cheaply costed, with a decent health pool to hopefully hit multiple one drops. Obviously its good with the boar, but really excels with the mostly forgotten 1-drop Elven Archer.


3. Genn Greyman
Build a deck with only even costed cards, and Genn will make your hero power cost only 1 mana. This presents a really interesting deck building problem with many different possible solutions. Currently it seems to work best with Paladin and Shaman, as their powers generate minions on the board. Being able to hero power on turn 1, and easily being able to weave it into odd costed mana turns, lets these two classes maintain a constant board presence. On the other hand, Genn doesn’t seem to work with as many other classes, but his odd costed counterpart…


2. Shudderwock
The ultimate anti-fun card. Super fun to play, extremely un-fun to play against. I love that this card exists. It has created its own archetype that tries to play just the right battlecries to try and finish out the game with an infinite supply of Shudderwocks. Unfortunately these battlecries tend to stack in such a way that the animation can take many many minutes to complete. Because of the animation issue, I expect this card to get some kind of change, but hopefully not something that ruins its build-a-battlecry appeal.


1. Baku the Mooneater
The odd companion to Genn Greyman. I place Baku above Genn because her ability upgrades the hero power. This effect was present back during Grand Crusade on the card Justicar Truehart, but her high mana cost meant that only slow decks could utilize the upgrade (usually Warrior). Baku starts the game with the upgrade, letting you get much more use out of it, as well as opening it up to more classes. Rogue, Paladin, and Hunters have been making great use of upgraded hero powers to leverage the weakness of only running odd costed cards. I also like how elegantly the even hero power works with the odd cards. Very cool card that opens up a lot of possibilities for aggressive decks.

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Coolest Hearthstone Cards from Witchwood”

  1. These are some interesting cards indeed, but I’m still standing on the side looking at Kobolds and Catacombs being the most fun I have had in a while.
    Hopefully the new cards can really shake up the meta decks at the moment.

    Which other cards would you have run with for the new expansion?

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    1. Yeah I also really loved K&C, really all the expansions from last year were great. Usually I try to do a post like this for each expansion, but I neglected K&C. (Maybe because I mostly played Dungeon Run when it launched?)

      But yeah, the power level is a little low this expansion. So I don’t run a ton of new cards in my decks.

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