Mainline Final Fantasy Games Ranked From Best to Worst

Works got me pretty busy, but I still want to keep my blog updated. Here is a super quick post where I rank each mainline Final Fantasy game, presented without commentary, based on my personal preferences.  While the top and bottom rankings are unlikely to change, I expect the middle 9 could shuffle around with replays. In the future I may elaborate on some of my choices.





8 thoughts on “Mainline Final Fantasy Games Ranked From Best to Worst”

      1. It’s definitely the Final Fantasy most people don’t like, haha. It will always be my favourite though 🙂 Always glad to hear when people like Lightning!

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  1. I couldn’t get through 13, but the characters seemed cool! It was the battle system and the long corridor that I had trouble with. My favorites were probably FF6 or FF7. FF7 mostly because it was the one that got me into other games in the Final Fantasy series. I enjoyed 8 and 9. I find 10 is better in retrospect. 🙂 I replayed it about two years ago and had a lot of fun!

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  2. My top pick is nine, because it is the game that got me into RPGs. Although I wouldn’t rank thirteen as the worst, I didn’t care for it either. The linear levels and battle system made it a chore to complete.

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      1. Yeah if I were trying to be more objective, I’d put 2 at the bottom as well. But, 13 was such a disappointment after years of hype. Its tough for me to find any redeeming qualities to it.

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