Weapon mash-ups in video games: Gun + Sword

Swords and guns are two of the most iconic weapons in games, swords being the go-to melee combat weapon, and guns the obvious answer for ranged combat.  But what about those time you need both?  I guess you could carry one of each, or try a bayonet.  If your feeling fancy you could try to combine the two.  In real life, this concept proved to be not very practical. Fortunately, in the world video games we don’t need to be practical. Let’s look at some of the most potent combinations of sword and gun that have appeared in some of my favorite video games.


P.S: Check out my friend’s latest blog post where he talks about his experience at Blizzcon this year.


Squall’s “Revolver” Final Fantasy VIII

First, I want to talk about the most iconic gunblade, Squall’s from Final Fantasy VIII.  This is also one of the strangest gunblades on the list because unlike every other entry, this one doesn’t shoot anything at all.  When the trigger is pulled these gunblades send a shock is through the blade that vibrates with additional damage.

What I love about this gunblade is its sleek design that acts as a symbol for its game setting, a fusion of past and present.


Cervantes “Nirvana” Soul Caliber

Cervantes’s always wields two swords, a large sword called Archeron in the main, and Nirvana in the offhand.  Nirvana happens to be a short sword with a pistol built into its hilt.  While mostly used as a sword, he can fire it through a special attack.  Cervantes’s original designs didn’t feature the pistol sword, but I believe it was added to emphasize the fact he is a pirate, who isn’t afraid to fight dirty.



Lightning’s “Blazefire Sabre” Final Fantasy XIII

Gunblades make another appearance in the Final Fantasy series, but with different functionality.  Lightning’s gunblade allows her to alternate between a gun mode and a sword mode.   This weapon only functions as one or the other, so less of a hybrid and more of very fancy switchblade.  It also has a handy carrying mode when holstered.   Lightning’s weapon also reminds  me of the  Power Ranger’s guns.


Hunter’s “Reiterpallasch” Bloodborne

The Reiterpallasch is kind of like a combination of Cervantes’s and Lightning’s weapons.  It’s a traditional sword with a pistol built in, but it can also transform.  Unlike the FFXIII gunblade, this one maintains its blade in ‘gun mode.’  This weapon bears a closer resemblance to historical pistol swords. When I play Bloodborne I prefer heavier strength based weapons like the Kirkhammer.  But it was always this weird rapier that tempted me towards a dexterity based build.


Jetstream Sam’s “HF Murasama” Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

The final gunblade is one of the more interesting ones.  Sam’s HF (high frequency) Murasama is a typical sword in Metal Gear Rissing. What makes this sword unique are the gun components contained in the scabbard.  Below the sword’s hilt, attached to the sheath is a trigger, that when pulled launches the sword out with great force. This works to amplify Sam’s Iado (quick draw) sword techniques.  So instead of a sword that fires bullets, it’s a gun that fires a sword.


Well that’s all I’ve got, if you know of any other gunblades in games or other media let me know if the comments.

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    1. Yeah Squall was the inspiration as i’ve been playing a lot of FF8 for the Final Fantasy community project, but it was Cervantes that popped into my head second and got me thinking about other “gunblade” weapons.

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