100 Word Board Game Reviews- Forbidden Desert and Inis


Two quick 100 word reviews for board games I’ve picked up recently.


Forbidden Desert, Designer: Matt Leacock – 5

Trapped in a mystic desert, you and your friends must work together to reassemble an ancient airship to escape.

My expectations were low, I didn’t love its predecessor Forbidden Island, but, I was pleasantly surprised by this. The rules are elegant, easy to explain and execute. Players felt powerful, no hindrances or randomness to muddle your actions. Each of the characters also has a crazy powerful unique ability. These elements add up to a game that is not as challenging as other co-op games.

Despite the excellent execution, Forbidden Desert is kinda bland. I’d rather play something with more personality.


Inis, Designer: Christian Martinez – 6

Celtic clans struggling for control of the island.

The main attraction of Inis for me is the artwork. I love the colorful , cards,  tiles, and cover. It is easily the most visually striking game in my collection.

It’s mechanics are a combination of area control and card drafting. You use cards to control your units and attempt to become leader through one of 3 victory conditions. This sounds fascinating, but in practice tends to result in anti-climaxes. Sometimes it’s someone squeaking in a win under everyone else’s noses while they come to terms with the mechanics, or a king-maker scenario.

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