100 Word Book Reviews x2 (Ready Player One and Storm Front)


That’s right, I read too!  Short and sweet thoughts on these two novels after the jump.

Fun fact: I live in Columbus, Ohio, the partial setting of Ready Player One the book, and possibly total setting of Ready Player One the film.


Storm Front, Jim Butcher – 6

Harry Dresden is a detective and a wizard, called in by the police to investigate a murder that could only have been committed with magic.

The detective elements of this novel are straight forward. Dresden questions people and gets into some tussles, but with magical twists; e.g., a vampire brothel madam. I felt the mystery’s resolution was obvious in retrospect.

Wizard elements, on the other hand, are intriguing. Lightly sprinkled throughout the book, just business as usual from the book’s first-person perspective. While Storm Front’s plot is adequate, it’s world building elements have piqued my interest in continuing the series.


Ready Player One, Ernest Cline – 5

Treasure hunting in an 80s nostalgia soaked virtual world.

Non-nostalgia world building elements were all fun and interesting: stacks of mobile homes and an MMO turned internet replacement. Those based on nostalgia were numerous, ranging from exciting to eye-rolling: searching through a recreation of a D&D dungeon; constant name dropping of TV shows and movies.

Plot consistently keeps up a page turning pace, despite weak characterization. Only the main character gets much attention in the book, and he isn’t particularly likable. Side characters occasionally fall into stereotypes.

The story just ends, I would have liked more closure for the characters.

5 thoughts on “100 Word Book Reviews x2 (Ready Player One and Storm Front)”

  1. I liked Storm Fromt despite Harry’s kind of overbearing White Knight complex. I loved the unpredictability of what might happen to him next even though you’re right about the main narrative having an obvious conclusion. Most of my friends love Dresden. I need to read the next.

    My husband loves Ready Player One, but thinks the movie looks disappointing.

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    1. Yeah Dresden was kind of a white knight.

      I’m actually kinda excited for the movie. It doesn’t look extremely faithful to the book, but I also didn’t love the book. I’m hoping they can expand on the premise while cutting the parts I had issues with.

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      1. I think there was a TV series, but all of my friends who are in love with the book series hated it lol. I liked the book well enough, but I obviously didn’t run out to read the next book in the series even though I do own it on Kindle.

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      2. Yeah I heard about the TV series, but nothing good, so I never checked it out. I feel the same way about the book, I liked it but still haven’t checked out the second one. Part of why I’m interested is because there is a pnp RPG for the series that supposed to be really good.

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      3. The author has a more fantasy-esque series called Codex of Alera out. Apparently, that’s the story he really wanted to write/publish, but he needed to establish himself first, and that’s a big part of what Dresden was.


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