100 Word Game Review x 2 (Lisa & Hearthstone)


Lisa the Painful, Score: 7 ~ (PC) 

Hilarious and heartbreaking.

Lisa is the story Brad, a drug addicted martial artist living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland where all women have died. He discovers a baby girl, raises her in secret, until she is kidnapped. He immediately sets off on a bloody path to save her.

Colorful characters, like Terry the Hint-master, fill out your roster to fight in JRPG combat. Lisa’s cruelest trick is taking these lovable oafs and putting them in lethal situations. Half my party died to Russian Roulette. Terry was kidnapped after my party rested in the wrong place. These may not happen to you.

Hearthstone Screenshot 09-08-17 08.41.46

Hearthstone, Score: 9 ~ (PC/Mobile)

An Affordable Obsession?

At least…relatively speaking. Compared with my spending on Magic the Gathering, I think my investment in Hearthstone is at least half… maybe?

I was lucky to start during beta tests, resulting in three years of back stock, quest gold, and free packs. For the most recent expansion I could build multiple fun and competitive decks, without having to spend a cent on new cards.

I don’t blame someone if they’d rather not play Hearthstone because of the high price. But for those of us with that CCG itch, Hearthstone scratches it pretty well for a lower cost.


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